Meal Deal - Roast Chicken & Potato Salad


Feed up to 4 people with this one bag, one pot, meal deal. Easy recipe included. 


Includes: 1 Whole Chicken, 1kg Small Potatoes, 2 x Little Gem Lettuce, 1 x Cucumber, 1 x Cherry Tomatoes Punnet & Recipe Card


Total Prep & Cook Time; approx 1hr 40 mins


Roast the Chicken for 25mins at 190 degrees celsius - just salt and pepper, no additional butter or oil required.

Then add the potatoes and put back with the chicken on top for an hour at 190 degress celsius

The juice from the chicken will baste the potatoes and roast them.

Shred the lettuces, slice the cucumber, halve the tomatoes - season in a bowl

Leave the chicken to rest and cool for 20mins while the potatoes finish cooking.

Pull the meat from the chicken, add to the salad, drain and add the potatoes and mix together with a big dollop of mayo!

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